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  • CST

    CST builds and evolves an ever more refined, coherent, cohesive and comprehensive approach to becoming a movement specialist. CST has ...
  • Tacfit

    TACFIT® is a strategically-precise fitness system designed to provide fast recovery from exercise intensity. The fundamental workout system uses 26 ...
  • Clubbells

    The Clubbell® is the ORIGINAL COMBAT FITNESS TOOL specifically researched, engineered and implemented to target the rotary and angular/diagonal muscles, ...
  • Flow-Fit-Bodyflow

    Flow involves coordination, motor control, essential synergy, proprioceptive awareness, agility, balance, accuracy, timing, rhythm and sensitivity. Flow measures fitness as ...
  • Prasara

    Flowingness beyond the thinking: this means Prasara in Sanskrit language and it contains a movement experience with more than 2000 ...
  • Tacfit Survival Jujitsu

    Tactfit Survival Jiu Jitsu is a system focused on the crisis management, that has the goal to maximize the individual ...

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