TACFIT Europe Certifications are organized like basic, intermediate, experienced and advanced courses. TACFIT Europe provides more than exercise technique qualification, it teaches how to teach: how to execute training protocols, organize the training calendar, integrate recovery and restoration, conduct fitness assessments, modifications and customization, synergistically lead a team of trainers, and differentiate yourself and your facility in a saturated marketplace.

With your certification from TACFIT Europe, youʼre joining a global Legion of the best.

TACFIT carries all of the prestige and intelligence of its namesake and the former national team coaches, university professors, federal law enforcement senior trainers, fire rescue captains, and special operators who lead the certification courses.

Phase 1: Get Certified as a Level 1 Field Instructor

Becoming a Field Instructor is the equivalent of a two-year associate’s degree. You learn how to implement the tools, time, techniques and technology. You personally experience the depth in each of the steps, and all of the breadth in the wide range of modalities. This will give you the 6 energy protocols and 4 levels of complexity in the 26 foundational workouts, using our powerful toolbox of low-tech, high-yield solutions: Clubbells, Kettlebells, Sandbags, Medicine Balls, Gymnastics Rings, Plyometric Boxes, Parallettes, Pullup Bars and Bodyweight Movement.

Phase 2: Get Certified as a Level 2 Team Leader

Becoming a Team Leader is the equivalent of a four-year undergraduate degree. You become qualified in all 81 exercises, 31 mobility drills and 30 compensation drills: the Tacfit Core Competencies. You learn how to lead a team of trainers to meet the needs of specific demographics. You master the ability to tailor the mobility and compensation drills to meet the lifestyle and occupational needs of varied populations, and how to adjust the schedule of “waving intensity” to ensure the positive adaptation to the sum total training, life and work stress load.

Phase 3: Get Certified as a Level 3 Division Chief

Becoming a Division Chief is the equivalent of an eight-year post-graduate degree, and is invitation-only. Having spent years in the field teaching and running a team of TACFIT trainers, and exhaustive modification and customization of programming to meet varied populations, you are ready to learn how to create annual length and academy length periodization plans specific to organizational, corporate and demographic needs. As a chief in a particular division, you work with the department heads to coordinate and direct ongoing research and development of the academy.

Phase 4: Earn an Advanced Diploma

With specific approval by departmental directors, you may participate in an Advanced Diploma certification. This is a competency course designed to give you an experience of the divisions within TACFIT. Chiefs from various divisions and departments will help you understand with wide platform of potential for the system by immersing you in the tools, tactics, techniques and technologies of the broad domains in the system. The content of Advanced Diploma certification change every seminar.

Phase 5: Keep your Certification Current

To maintain your certification, you must complete no less than 16 credit hours of continuing educational every two years pertinent to tactical fitness: by participating in a re-certification of the ever-evolving system of research and application, in an up-certification to level 2 or 3, or a “field experience” in an Advanced Diploma certification.

Phase 6: Lead the Legion from the Front

TACFIT Europe is not a passive institution where your diploma collects dust on the wall. You teach only what you embody, and seek to expand what you embody so that you can expand what you teach. This professional and personal accountability differentiates our academy in the industry and even in academia. We “lead from the front by example with enthusiasm, energy and excellence.” We are a Legion, perhaps alone in our daily practice, but together in our ongoing aspiration to improve the lives of others. If you are invited to become a Level 3 Division Chief, you will be given the opportunity to conduct certification workshops, and produce products through the Academy to the Legion.