CST builds and evolves an ever more refined, coherent, cohesive and comprehensive approach to becoming a movement specialist. CST has rapidly emerged as a leader among the premier training modalities in the health / fitness and strength / conditioning arenas.

CST has evolved a precise sophistication of the warm-up, work-out, cool-down triumvirate. Tri-Ring Integration™ design technique seamlessly interweaves joint mobility to prime the specific acting joints with nutrition, lubrication and shock absorption, multi-planar progressive resistance to re-balance adaptions from the prior cycle of training, and compensatory movement to unload the functional opposite of the exercise selection to maximize results and minimize over-compensations. This formula creates a dramatic result significantly greater than the sum of its individual 3 parts.

CST represents the next stage in movement evolution. What began as linear, militaristic calisthenics, developed into “functional” training with the addition of angular/diagonal motions. Circular Strength Training adds in the missing rotary aspect of tri-planar biomechanics through Dr. Nikolai Bernstein’s work. Unlike standard “muscle-based” physiology, CST provides a language to movement, called the 6D Matrix™ – doubling capacity from tr-planar to six degrees of freedom.

A new partnership at the door

TACFIT is going to sign an agreement with one of the larger and growth nutrition company: Yamamoto Stay tuned: great news is coming