Our People




Scott  is the Human Performance Optimization Advisor to the U.S. Government. He is a speaker for TED and Mensa on brain-based lifestyle optimization.

As a serial entrepreneur, his corporation, RMAX International, has succeeded in its industries for over two decades, and has been inducted into its respective hall of fame for award-winning performance. 

Having overcome dyslexia, obesity and joint disease, he was guided to consider stress from a brain performance perspective. Born into a military family, he explored how internal and environmental stressors amplified in those who serve. 

Teaching since 1992, he has found people, and in particular Warriors, shaped like their jobs, carrying accumulated stress leading to shortened careers, high rates of medical non-deployability and unduly shortened lifespans from their number one killer: stress-related disease. To help, he has developed methods for brain performance through lifestyle behavior optimization. 

His system, TACFIT®, became the first federally-adopted tactical fitness course in history; helping others recover faster from acute stress and shed chronic stress. His system has been implemented to 50,000+ U.S. federal agents; earning recognition by Men’s Health Magazine as the “World’s Smartest Workout.”

Coach Sonnon has been named:

– Top 25 Trainers in the World (Men’s Fitness Magazine)

– Top 5 Most Powerful Health Professionals (Train Magazine)

– Top 7 Most Influential Instructors (Black Belt Magazine)

He holds multiple patents including the Clubbell® (named the “#1 Workout Tool” by Men’s Fitness Mag), and has published 50+ books. 

As a scientist, he is continuing to develop new technologies in operational readiness and lifestyle optimization.



Alberto is Rmax Europe Director and from several years is the Military Chief Division for our training system. His experience – before as Italian Army Paratrooper and then as security manager for a lot of jet set stars, international entrepreneurs and politics – made him an expert about the athletic conditioning for the security professionals.

In 1994 he mets his menthor Scott Sonnon which teached him the foundamental concepts of CST, that becomes not only a training system but a style of life.

At the beginning, Alberto enforces the tenets concerning the joint mobility restoration for strenght and stability ito evolve in martial art and real combat, wich he dedicated his entire sport and professional life to.

Then, following the path of Scott Sonnon in US, he presented the system to the special forces around the world and he run a title role to develop the system in this field, specializing himself in the teaching and application.

In this way, the kick boxing and boxe thai master, the 2008 Survival JuJitsu World Champion becomes the most famous CST revealer, after and at the side of Scott Sonnon, the system owner and inventor.

Today, Alberto certifies the worldwide instructors, giving them his growing experience and his up to date studies, that help the indefatigable Scott’s actionon behalf of the spreading concept of a wellness function al fitness-