Flowingness beyond the thinking: this means Prasara in Sanskrit language and it contains a movement experience with more than 2000 years. Prasara is perfect for women and men with at their disposal a short training time, travelling people without gyms, whre is easy to go, but they want train themselves in a complete and effective way. Prasara is ideal for whom is looking for an unconventional training, far from the bore and the painfull workouts. But primarily it’s the best practice who wanna restart to move without traumas. With the conventional gym exercises, it needs about 45 minutes per day in the gym. With Prasara Yoga you need not more than 14 minutes per day, to mantain the professional shape of a fighter, as to permit to a senior to lift and to stretch arms and shoulders as a 40 yo.

The Prasara workout is completely based on the flowing body movement, focused on the joints mobility and the muscle compensation, without perform a bored streching or a long time weight lifting. The restored psyco-phisic status is full of energy and concentration attitude. Prasara is focused on routines which overcome the ranges of the bi-dimensional training and are studied to grow the tri-dimensional joints strength. The goal is to increase the stability and the flowingness, over and above the stamina.

Prasara helps your body to reach the Six Degrees of Freedom:

  • Heaving: Moving up and down
  • Swaying: Moving left and right
  • Surging: Moving forward and back
  • Pitching: Tilting up and down
  • Yawing: Turning left and right
  • Rolling: Tilting side to side

Prasara Yoga is a form of movement which incorporates yoga poses, connected with simple breathing techniques. It is the union of body and mind through structure, breathing and movement to release one’s fears of the self in order to get out of the way of body and mind, in order to release one’s true natural flow.  Prasara provides counterbalance to the body through dynamic flow, thus compensating for positions adopted during daily routines or prior activities. Prasara represents the 3rd mode of Hatha yoga, incorporating both Asana, or postures, and Vinyasa, or breath linkage. Prasara’s “flow” moves the body through all “Six Degrees of Freedom” – its full potential grace as a three-dimensionally energetic being: