Dear coaches and Instructors,

As the director for certifications worldwide now, Scott has asked me to represent his work in preparing all of our future leaders. Last week, he and I completed several meetings in U.S.A. to discuss the continued refinement of our professional education:

1. There are changes that had not yet been accepted as One Standard by all. To grow with us, the Standard will be used in every country.

2. More changes come for an ever-improving educational system. New certifications, workshops and levels will be added; some certifications will be removed and changed.

Starting very soon and throughout the year, RMAX will be releasing news to help refine the Standard and improve coaching performance in our systems.

You will have questions and we invite them all, but what we don’t want is resistance and drama. We need loyal ambassadors to teach the standard of excellence that the public associates with the systems. An athlete can go from one city to the another, anywhere in the world, and expect to receive the same high quality coaching.

We have become one of the most sought after set of certifications in the world. As a professional organization, improvements will continue. Change is difficult for most; and understood by a few. If you don’t understand that is fine; but you must trust me when I ask you to follow the plan and the standard. We do know where we are going and the steps to get there.

We are very excited to bring you these opportunities, but they will require work beyond teaching. Scott and I will doing a great deal of work together behind the scenes to accomplish all of our goals.

To assist the growth, new workshops, jobs and positions will be given to a dedicated, loyal few who can handle the additional workload. To be part of that team, just put your chin down, teach, and humbly do the work right on yourself (first) and those you coach. If we need you to do more, we will give you that opportunity.

Trust us and we will grow.

– Alberto Gallazzi

Note : please shared with as many instructors as possible

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