Tacfit Survival Jujitsu


Tactfit Survival Jiu Jitsu is a system focused on the crisis management, that has the goal to maximize the individual survival opportunities.

Thanks to the study and the knowledge concerning the human body physical and psicological response, in case of  a pending danger, the system cover large fields, from self defence combat, to home security, to the in scenarios survival till to the close protection.

The system is born by the Alberto Gallazzi’s synthesis between multistyles combat skills, operative techniques abd tactics, the bio mechanical heman bosy studies and the nervous system reaction, when there is a strong impact or a fascial/structural breakdown (Autokinematic response).

TSJJ is based on two pillars: HISARDUT – in jewish survival –the self defence system founded by dr. Dennis hanover, icon of the israelian reality based combat in the military and civilian field and TACFIT, the physical and physiological training system, more useful to transfer the functional mobility skills in the combat action.

The TACFIT SURVIVAL JUJITSU application and development permitted to create a more effective self defense and to execute techniques always closer to the reality, overviewed in the close protection and in the individual combat fields, from the low level threat to the mortal level.

The TACFIT SURVIVAL JUJITSU goal is to permit to all the trainees to metabolize a more essential and effective reaction, not focused only on a techniques sequence, but on the physiological and neural body responses. So it was born a easy suitable combat for the different situations: nothing of choreographic, but totally dedicated to the danger control and to the enemy submission, with specific topics: kidnapping, survival escape, climatic crisis, security driving, weapon (the contemporary martial art)